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Polyurethane Tire Material Series-Introduce


It can be used to make bicycles, wheelchairs for disabled persons, trucks, golf carts, and so on. The series of raw materials is

characterized by low freezing point, fast forming speed, and convenient processing and operation. The tires made from the

series have good elasticity, good abrasion resistance and small compression set.

It can be used in the production of rubber tires filled with foamed PU tires. It has excellent dynamic mechanical properties

and low internal heat generation. Application fields include large-capacity truck, passenger vehicle, and lawn mower

tires, and so on.

It can be used to fill the tires of construction machinery trucks and forklift trucks to increase the bearing capacity of the

tires. The filled tires can be free of inflation and puncture-proof. The system materials can also be used in the

manufacturing of military bulletproof tires.



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